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Material handling in paper industry is famous for its large volume, heavy duty and much dust, and the harsh working conditions are the touchstone of performance of forklift trucks. How to achieve the balance of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, consumption reduction, health and cost reduction is what all paper enterprises have been exploring. The hydrostatic system, joystick, fire extinguisher equipment, dust-proof solution and special paper transport solutions originated by Linde have been widely applied in paper industry, laying the foundation for the steady development of customer logistics and bringing real benefits to our customers.


High efficient and reliable Linde Hydrostatic System

Linde twin pedal system improves operation efficiency

Linde auto fire extinguishing system ensures safety

Linde Joystick makes operation easier and more efficient

Dust-proof solution improves performance of forklift trucks

The paper clamp control scheme with locking function makes handling safer

Truck able to enter containers makes container unloading more efficient

The fortified mast meets needs of harsher working conditions


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